I have used other "popular" language learning software products in the past and they pale in comparison to the quality and depth of Rocket Languages. I particularly like the cultural immersion components. This product rocks!

Ikshan Sewer

Platico en español todos los dias! I started using Rocket Spanish about 7 years ago, when I spoke almost no Spanish. I first visited México in 2007, with maybe 10 words. Thanks to Rocket Spanish, I was able to move to México and I can now speak with people every day. I especially liked being able to practice in my car, so I could dedicate some time every day and focus on the content, without worrying what I sounded like. I now read and dream in Spanish! Thanks for a great product!

Lee Hammond

I decided to try Rocket Spanish because I wanted to learn some Spanish before a trip to Ecuador. I just returned, and the Spanish I learned with Rocket Spanish was not only extremely helpful, it made my trip so much more fun.

I really liked the full audio transcipts for the lessons that I could listen to anywhere (like when running, driving), then work on the remaining lesson pieces when I had time. It's great that the lessons are based on useful situations, and not just piles of random phrases. On my trip I was able to talk to people, order food, understand directions, and flight information.

At the airport the attendant asked us about tickets and carry on luggage. She spoke English but I was able to talk with her in Spanish instead. Possibly the best part is that with Rocket Spanish pronunciation practice, people were able to understand me.

Going to continue with Rocket Spanish, and keep working on those "rr's"! We are already planning another trip to Ecuador, and one to Spain. I tried some other programs, and I believe this is the best one you can buy. Thanks Rocket Spanish!

Erik Corkran